Jamie's Pedigree
FC/AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James SN475964/06

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
2X NAFC-FC-2X CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
OFA LR-46627G42M-T
CERF LR-6972
Winner of Four National Titles
Sire of 15 Dogs Entered in 2000 National Open including 2000 NFC Maxx's Surprise
122.5 Total Derby Points
CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech CFC Rascal's Super Spud FC-NAFC Ray's Rascal
Sirion's Super Snooper
Itch's Flying Tiger FC-AFC Itchin' To Go
Thor's Tiger Lil

Ebonaceae Princess WCX

Trieven El Conquistador FC-AFC-CFC Trieven Thunderhead
Trieven High Speed
Snookum's Sky Raider CFC-CAFC Virdon's Turtoyaktuk
Wilkie's Cinderella Liberty
HRCH Southill's U-Gott-B Kiddin MH FC-AFC Riparian Roughrider FC-AFC Sandy's Slew Man Too FC-AFC Itchin' To Go
Swift Creek's What's Cookin'
FC-AFC Del's-Hi-Kasie '84 NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code
CFC-CAFC Del's-Hi-Ginny
Candlewood Black Gold Brooke MH FC-AFC Candlewood's M.D. Houston FC-AFC Lakeridge's Charlemagne
AFC Black Gold's Candlewood Kate
FC Candlewood's Wilderness Brooke MH FC-AFC Machipongo's W.A. Nappy
FC-AFC Castlebay's Trumarc Sprinter

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